Light In Darkness Aids Project is the sister arm of World Redemption Foundation Ministries Incorporated, raised by the Lord Jesus Christ to heal and rehabilitate those that have ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS).

In the year 1985, November 24th to be specific at around 5:00am, the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF came to my room in a clear vision and said “I SEND YOU TO HEAL AND REHABILITATE THOSE THAT HAVE AIDS”

Ever since that vision came in 1985, I have not done anything serious about it other than write tracts specifically addressed to AIDS patients.

However, in January 2019, while in my hotel room at Mbarara, Uganda, the voice of the Lord came again to me so strong while sleeping saying the same thing “I send you to heal and rehabilitate those that have Aids” and that “this is the time of its fulfilment”.

In obedience to the heavenly vision, I immediately made inquiry to know where AIDS victims/patients are, so as to minister to them.

To my greatest surprise, South Africa was on the lead followed by my country Nigeria. In Nigeria, Benue State, and Otukpo to be specific was number one with the highest number of AIDS victims.

On my return to Nigeria, I immediately embarked on fact finding mission to Otukpo, Benue State. My findings were shocking, thereby giving birth to LINDAP to immediately minister healing and rehabilitate AIDS victims.


1] Funds for constant supply of drugs to treat opportunistic infections

2] Funds to make provision for those who need constant medical test and x-rays

3] Funds to provide raw food materials for those who are economically incapacitated and cannot work nor provide for themselves and their families

4] Funds to empower those who are trained in various handwork to start their own businesses/workshop.

5] Mobility (buses) to convey most of them who lack means of transportation from their homes to treatment centers and empowerment centers.

6] Ambulances to convey some from villages who cannot walk nor carry themselves to treatment centers.

7] Welfare of the team on ground working and taking care of these numerous Clients (AIDS PATIENTS)

8] In the near future, to build Intensive care unit of two hundred beds to care for those lacking strength to cater for themselves and also another two hundred bed hostels to rehabilitate those who are responding to treatment and ready to fit back into the society.

Your gift will help us bring lifesaving medical care to people in need

To be part of this heavenly vision, kindly send your donations to:

Matthew 4:16 “The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.”

Your gift will help us bring lifesaving medical care to people in need

To be part of this heavenly vision, kindly send your donations to: