Let there be Light

Shine your shine I shine my shine

Seek Mercy part 3

Seek Mercy part 2

Seek Mercy part 1

Lord of harvest part 2

Lord of harvest part 1

Destroying the Power of Limitation pt 2

Destroying the Power of Limitation pt 1

Open Ye the Gates

Bring down every strong hold by listening to this sermon

Grace at Work

The race is not to the swift but to God that showeth mercy. Listen to this powerful sermon because i am a living testimony

Glory to Glory part 5

Glory to Glory part 4

Glory to Glory part 3

Glory to Glory part 2

Glory to Glory part 1

We move from Glory to Glory

Teach us to number our days

Your Healing Capsules

Pro 4:22 “The world of God is medicine to our body”. Listen to this wonderful sermon as you continue to live in perfect health.